Discovery Zones
We are excited to announce these services will be starting up again. In person services had been paused during the COVID19 Pandemic in 2019-2021.

We partner with individuals or organizations pursuing creative learning opportunities on a personal or corporate level with culturally diverse learning programs.

To register, call 347-870-3461

Choose your pathway to a rewarding learning experience

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    Afterschool eLearning Cafe Membership K12 Subjects
  • language.jpeg
    Language and Culture Lab Membership Immerse yourself in another culture by learning another language
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    School Programs Pop-up "Open Mic"-"Reading Room"-"Writing Workshop
    Online and On your premises
LiteracyWorx Lab Registration
At LiteracyWorx Lab we are aware of the academic deficits with which K12 students were presented this year.

We are also aware of the financial constraints facing many families as well. For that reason we have decided to offer services on a sliding scale.

We will also be offering free services for families with proven financial needs. Please contact us to find out more about these flexible payment opportunities.

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