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K12 Afterschool Homework Cafe We host or you host! K12 Literacy, Math & Science & Digital Literacy Arts SAT, ACT & TOEFL

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    In our "Afterschool Homework Cafe"

    *Will have a learning coach to mentor them in small group ratios of 3 students to 1 educator and as needed in 1 student to 1 educator ratios.

    *Blended learning environments: technology and hands on.

    *Will be able to receive help with their homework and assigned school projects and research.

    *Will be able to prepare for standardized tests such as state-wide reading, math and science tests in grade schools as well as for High School Regents exam in all core high school subjects as well as the SAT and ACT.

    *Will coach English language learners to further develop their Language Arts skills in order to read, speak and write English at "grade level successfully."

    *Parents will receive progress reports showing measureable gains on a continuum with next steps on a bi-weekly basis.

    *Our learning coaches will perform on-going assessments to monitor progress and inform next steps tailored to student needs.

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