Astoria Based LiteracyWorx Lab Offering Tutoring for Students of All Ages
August 15, 2019 at 4:00 AM
by LiteracyWorx Lab
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LiteracyWorx Lab is Astoria Based education services business that has grown from the idea that students of all ages should have access to quality support.

Based in Long Island and Astoria, NYC, LiteracyWorx Lab is an accessible education service that offers a wide range of services to fit you and your needs. This includes-

• Learning beyond K12 subjects for All Ages

• Sessions for a Variety of Subjects (Math, Science, Reading, and more).

• Cultural Foreign Language Immersion Experiences for children and adults.

• English as a Second Language with TOEFL coaching.

• Private Client or Group Tutoring Sessions for individuals and corporations.

• After School Programs for Schools.

From Academic Subjects to Cultural Learning and Exposure

At LiteracyWorx, we understand that education goes so much further beyond your typical academic subjects. One of our top priorities as an education service is to provide cultural learning classes and experiences.

Given that we're a company based in Long Island and Astoria, we have access to such an incredible range of interesting cultures, each with complex histories, customs, foods, traditions, and more. While we provide education in foreign languages, we also seek to provide broad educations about the many cultures in our community.

If you want to immerse yourself in new cultural environments, we can provide fun learning experiences for our students and their families that allow you to comfortably and respectfully delve into cultures other than your own! It'll be an experience that you'll never forget.

An Educational Experience That Accommodates YOU

No matter your age, or schedule, LiteracyWorx Lab is capable of accommodating and adapting you. We have tutoring sessions available that are either one on one or in small group settings. These sessions are also available throughout the day, including, of course, after school sessions.

Research has proven that there is substantial academic loss during the summers between school years, especially in formative years. Students, no matter their educational backgrounds, can simply lose progress in academic skills, including reading, math, and writing ability.

Our tutoring sessions will ensure that students of all grade levels are able to keep up, or surpass, school year expectations. Academic summer loss is no match for the LiteracyWorx Lab and our tutors! We ensure that you'll be caught up in no time.

Expert Learning Coaches

Our learning coachers are trained in a wide variety of subjects and specialties that accommodate all school programs and personal academic interests. They're also well trained in helping students of all ages, backgrounds, education levels, and learning abilities.

We want our students to feel excited to come work at the LiteracyWorx Lab. Our multi-layered experiences and helpful tutors ensure that they'll never be bored while learning with us. It's our goal to be both teachers and mentors to our students.

You can also call us at 929-208-5346 or fill out our online form. Tell us about your child's needs, and we will help you in determining the best accommodations we can provide.

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